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Our agency, World Vision Intl Human Resources, Inc. based in Makati City –  Philippines is a Licensed Land-based recruitment agency and we supply manpower for  various companies abroad like U.A.E. (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al-Ain, Sharjah….), Qatar  (Doha), Bahrain, K.S.A. and Australia. We have excellent recruitment experience and  expertise besides industry know how in various fields.

The company has been successful in providing quality employment  opportunities for Filipinos looking for a greener pasture outside the Philippines. We  were not only able to address the rising unemployment in this country but we also  contributed to the economy through dollar remittances by our deployed Overseas  Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Commencement exercises are going-on and hundreds of Architects, Engineers,  skilled/non-skilled workers and other various categories for Hotels, Sales,  Entertainment and Medical Field will be added to the growing list of unemployed  Filipinos. Our agency believes that we in the private business sector have a moral  obligation to help minimize the unemployment rate in the Philippines. Actually, it is  the responsibility of every Filipino to extend their hand to the least fortunate  individual in our country.


POEA LICENSE NO:  POEA- 107 – LB – 040716 – R

World Vision Int’l Human Resources, Inc.
3/F Expocraft Bldg., 1008 Metropolitan Avenue
Makati City, Philippines 1205
Tel. No.: (+63) 2.890.1880(+63) 2.899.1124
Fax No.: (+63) 2.890.9787
Email Address: worldvisionihr@gmail.com

“We serve our clients beyond commitment”


John Hanna Assaf, raised in Damascus, Syria  and finished the degree of Bachelor of  Science in Architecture. He is one of the  man behind the success of Abu Dhabi 


Armed Force Officer’s Club.Picture2


Became the President of Rotary Club – Manila  South for the year 2003-2004 and received  the Star Leadership Award during his  tenure.

His heart pushed him to enter the world of  recruitment and continuously bringing  good opportunities for Filipinos who aspire  to work in abroad and provide our clients a  highly qualified and competent workers.

As he takes his journey in this business, he  always has this line “Continue my vocation  to give opportunity and to serve our  clients with commitment knows NO  boundaries as my policy statement”


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